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Python Junior 2 (P206-SP)

Self-Paced Learning

Level up your coding skills with python. More challenges are coming your way and apply Mathematical concepts together with your programming knowledge to solve them!
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Join learners from Japan, Australia, Singapore and many other countries!
  • What you'll learn:

  • Start your journey with Python
    Python is a versatile and practical text-based programming language that is suitable for young students.
  • Apply Mathematics
    Write a Python program to solve a Mathematics problem sum.
  • Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
    Learn to break down problems into smaller components to solve them.
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  • What's in this course?

  • For Ages 10 to 14
    Let Your Child Take His Python Coding Skills To The Next Level
  • Prerequisite
    Must have completed P205 - Python Junior 1
  • 100% Independent Learning
    Engaging and interactive courses carefully curated to maximise your child's online learning
  • Online Flexible Schedule
    On-Demand Videos and activities for learning, anytime and anywhere
  • Certificate of Completion
    Earn a Certificate upon completion
  • Requirements:

  • Windows / Macintosh
  • Internet Connection

About This Course

Take your child's Python coding skills to the next level

Upon completing our P206 curriculum, your child will have learned how to run loops with conditionals to solve various Math problems.

With the use of loops with conditionals, students can programme even more exciting projects! They will also make use of conditionals to create a Movie-Age checker. And what about finding the lowest common multiple of two numbers, with just a touch of the button? Kids get to learn these, and much more in our carefully curated Python Meets Math classes!

To take this module, students need to have completed Python Junior 1 (P205). Want to find out more? Meet some of our students or check out our FAQs.
Best-in-class Curriculum for Coding
We are honoured to be the winner of multiple awards.
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Course Outline

Logical operators and Truth tables
Learning and Applying logical operators (And, Or, Not)
Develop a Movie-Age Checker

While Loops
Using while loops
Applying while loops to Mathematics (Eg. Prime numbers, Lowest Common Multiple)
Problem-sum solving with Guess and Check

Using Modules and Libraries
Random numbers

Hackathon and Challenges
Timed Challenges for students to stretch their abilities
  • Skills students will gain:

  • Computational and Logical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • ... and so much more!
Your child will be awarded with this certificate upon the completion of the course. Share this certificate on Facebook or Instagram!

Why Our Students Love Us

Daniel absolutely loved this course and can’t wait to attend the next one. Thanks for everything!
– Parent of Daniel, Singapore
My son enjoyed the online class very much. The teacher us very engaging and he finds the entire programme fun. He is taking Python Junior 2 next week. He is looking forward.
– Parent of Yap Jin Tao, Singapore
The material is well organised and designed with purpose. My kid is able to do simple coding and is motivated to learn more.
– Parent of Tan Yi Xin, Singapore


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