Our Story

The Coding Lab Global® Way
We nurture future leaders in technology.
Be it the stoic investigator, playful explorer, or the
starry-eyed dreamer, we believe that every child
should learn to code
. To know how to code is to
know how to create, solve and express.

Learn from the Best

Founded by an MIT Alumnus who worked in Silicon Valley, Coding Lab Global’s award-winning curriculum seeks to instil a passion for coding in each and every one of our students. Since our establishment in 2022, we are proud to have nurtured thousands of students and uncovered the coder within them.

Here at Coding Lab Global, we strive to spread the joy of coding to as many children as possible. We give each and every student an opportunity to shine. Our coding and programming classes are for ages 7 – 18 in Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Read what inspired the beginning of Coding Lab Global in our first blog: I’d like to teach the world to code
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Our Mission
We pride ourselves in providing the Coding Lab Global® Difference to all of our students, with our award-winning curriculum and high quality teaching, with a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning and the application of key mathematical concepts.
Our Vision
We believe that every child should learn to code. There are many things that children will love about coding; creating their own game, app, making their own animated stories and many other endless possibilities by harnessing today’s rapidly evolving technologies.
Our Promise
To infuse our students with enthusiasm as they discover this complex but increasingly valuable language, leading them to discover the wonders of making their app, writing their own code, and sparking their creativity as they design their own creations.
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Why Coding Lab Global?
With our emphasis on inquiry-based learning, global expertise and track record, you’ll know that your children are in good hands.
At Coding Lab, each and every student has the opportunity to shine. We provide a platform for our students to flourish:

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MIT-Inspired Curriculum
Inquiry-based with a progressive roadmap
High-Quality Teaching
Taught by industry experts and graduates from top universities
Achieve Real Results
Learn in-demand skills and build real-world solutions

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Code With Us
Find out what classes your child can take!
Meet Our Passionate Team and Educators
Carefully handpicked by our founder, an esteemed MIT alumnus, our team of qualified and passionate coding educators will give your child the best learning experience.

Here at Coding Lab, we strive to spread the joy of coding to as many children as possible – developing computational and algorithmic thinking skills through stimulating yet exciting challenges.