Our Team

Yong Ning Foo
Co-Founder and Lead Educator
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S.M. Computational Engineering, MIT
B.Eng. Elec. Engineering (First-Class), NUS
Director (Asia-Pacific), Danaher
Six-Sigma Black Belt, Caterpillar
R2 Technologies (Hologic), Silicon Valley
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Yong Ning graduated with a Masters in Computation for Design and Optimisation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under a full scholarship and spent a year working in a technology startup in Silicon Valley prior to returning to Singapore, where he was born and grew up in.

Rapidly rising through the ranks and previously a Regional (Asia-Pacific) Director with a US multinational, he realised how big a part his coding knowledge helped in advancing his career. He continues to do programming in his free time as a hobby and founded Coding Lab®.

He is a highly sought-after expert and is on the expert panel of several educational publications in Singapore. His work on coding with children has been featured in various National media, including The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. He has also been called upon as a consultant with various parenting magazines and is regularly invited to share his views at parenting talks and seminars.
Brian Love
Director, Education (Japan)
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M.A. Fine Arts in Creative Writing and English, University of Massachusetts
B.S. Computer Science, University of Massachusetts
Microsoft (Japan)
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Brian was a software engineer at Microsoft for 10 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a minor in Mathematics, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and English from the University of Massachusetts.

He taught for 3 years at the University of Massachusetts and has shipped numerous software projects at Microsoft ranging from operating systems, desktop applications, and mobile applications.

He now combines his passion for coding, technology, and teaching to help young kids discover the joys of coding.
Li Jia
Curriculum Advisor
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M.S. Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon
B.Sc. Computer Science (First-Class), NUS
VP, Credit Suisse, New York (USA)
Developer, EllieMae (Silicon Valley)
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Li Jia had his first encounter with coding on an Apple II at the age of 5 and the rest, as they say, is History.
Moving on to Secondary school where he had loads of fun writing programs to solve various math problems, he credits his early brush with coding to having led him to where he is today, as a VP with one of the world’s leading investment banks, with more than 10 years of experience in the development of stocks and options trading software.
His hobbies revolve around coding and hardware, many of which are adapted into our coding classes for kids. His latest coding hobby (on top of his intensely game-changing work projects) involves building his home surveillance system – using Raspberry Pi.

Currently based in New York, Li Jia holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.
Julius Ang
Curriculum Advisor
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B.Comp. Computer Engineering (Hons), NUS
Microsoft (Japan)
LinkedIn (Silicon Valley)
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With his extensive experience in agile software, web and game development platforms, Julius has been developing and shipping software for Microsoft Office, Kinect and Hololens for the last 10 years.
As a native speaker of English and Mandarin and being professionally fluent in Japanese, he has worked with teams across different parts of the world, including Singapore, Redmond, Seattle and Tokyo.
Currently based in Japan as a Senior Software Engineer with Microsoft, his recent activities include the development of Docs.com and Office Lens, as well as Microsoft’s next generation presentation platform, Sway.com.

Julius’ passion lies in bringing the frontier of innovation to young children, with the aim of demystifying today’s technology to enable them to become inventors of tomorrow’s reality.
Candice Wang
Co-Founder and Community Director
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B.Sc. Life Sciences (Biomedical), NUS
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Candice’s experience in Sales and Marketing spans across various Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. She enjoys translating her corporate experience into an organisation that impacts children and strongly believes that programming is a must-have skill in today’s economy.
A mother of 2, she has already started her children on tinkering with the latest tech gadgets. She is excited to be at the forefront of shaping the education of kids in the 21st Century and is also a contributing author for Sassy Mama Singapore in the area of Tech and Education.
She is also the Chairperson of Tiny Thinkers, a social initiative supported by IMDA that provides Computational Thinking Activities and Kits to empower underprivileged kids.
Lisa Loke
Education Advisor
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Principal, Agape Centre for Excellence (Perth)
Consultant, Internet Training (STA)
B.Acc. Accounting
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The Principal and Founder of Agape Centre for Excellence in Perth and the education partner for Coding Lab, Lisa has extensive experience in the education arena, running a premium enrichment centre for kids.

She found her calling in Education, especially in the area of technology back in 1995 when she founded Paideia (now defunct), a pioneer in Internet training services. As the appointed consultant to the Singapore Telecoms Academy (1995 – 1997), the company received numerous awards for best website conceptualisation and design.

Her passion is to make a difference especially with children, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. Having a child herself, she understands the needs of school going children and wants to empower them with the academic, social and emotional skills to help them reach their fullest potential.
Hovan Tan
Educator and Assistant Team Lead, Curriculum
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B.Eng. Computer Engineering (Hons), NUS
Air Liquide
Anglo-Chinese School (International Baccalaureate)
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Hovan’s passion for teaching blossomed when he was 15. With the addition of two younger brothers into the family, Hovan was tasked with the guidance of his toddler brothers. He instilled in them not just knowledge but also discipline, morality and almost everything else about being human.

Ever since Hovan started his university journey and has delved into the depths of programming, he has decided to fuse his passion for teaching with his newly found love for programming. His previous work includes being part of the digitization team at Air Liquide, where he handled the digitization of paper workflows.

With the aim of not only imparting the art of programming and logical thinking, Hovan also enjoys helping new students take their first baby steps into the pool of coding.
Pearline Goh
Head of Operations and Planning
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B.Eng. Industrial Engineering, NUS
Branch Manager, Dynamic Language Centre
Procter & Gamble
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“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” This Jim Elliot quote echoes in Pearline’s heart as she joins Coding Lab.

A graduate from the National University of Singapore in Industrial Engineering, Pearline’s previous work in Procter & Gamble (SG) and Caterpillar (SG) spanned across demand and supply management. Her extensive work experience has allowed her to realise her full potential in organisation capability building and taught her how to find “small but meaningful ways to improve lives—now and for every generation to come.”

Previously based in Malaysia as the branch manager in Dynamic Language Centre, Pearline’s journey in education continues here with Coding Lab, where she looks forward to impacting lives meaningfully.
Cheryl Tang
Community Manager
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B.A. Media and Communications, University of Melbourne
Singapore Press Holdings
Indigo Education Group
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As a media graduate, Cheryl has a love for the written word and believes in using this passion for the greater good. Throughout her education, she has had encounters with coding and recognises the importance of imparting such foundational skills to children.

Her internship at Coding Lab allowed her to witness educators igniting the passion for technology among children, motivating her to want to be a part of something meaningful. She shines a spotlight on outstanding members of the Coding Lab family – both staff and students – to inspire more people to code. You can also find her going around classes, snapping class-in-progress photos and attempting to pick up more coding in between.
Zoey Lee
Community Manager
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B.Comms. Professional Communication, RMIT
Channel NewsAsia (Current Affairs)
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Having thrived in the fast-paced and frenetic environment of a newsroom, Zoey strives to deliver the same zeal and energy to her journey here at Coding Lab. As a new entrant to the world of coding, Zoey was struck by how the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that coding offers can be translated beyond computers and programs and into everyday life.

She hopes to share the opportunity of experiencing the same wonder and excitement she felt to many young minds, and to inspire many others along the way. She strongly believes that learning how to code is beneficial for children, especially in this today’s digitally advanced world.
Team Lead, Customer Service
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Diploma in Environmental Science (Biomedical), Republic Polytechnic
Centre Manager, Employment Agency
Volunteer, Singapore Science Centre (Kids Activities Assistant)
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Jessica’s passion for science and coding has been instilled since her younger days, where she being self-taught, developed several web sites of her own. Tapping into her vast experience in business and client engagement, Jessica finds enrichment in assisting and engaging people, guiding them to the right course while fostering a compelling experience that keeps parents engaged whilst ensuring day by day events run like a clockwork.

She enjoys interacting with children and watching them grow in their journey with Coding Lab where they get equipped with knowledge and skills in a rapidly tech advancing world.
Edmund Teow
Educator and Team Lead, Teaching Excellence
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MSc Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Economics, University of London
Volunteer, National Civil Defence Cadet Corps
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Edmund graduated with a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics. He has always loved solving challenging problems and has participated and won awards for several Mathematical Olympiads during his Primary and Secondary years in school.

Previously an Assistant Field Instructor with National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, Edmund has experience working with students, through which he developed his passion for teaching, being able to motivate and nurture them into future leaders, knowing that every action he takes impacts the future generation.
Stephanie Swee
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B.Eng. Computer Science, NTU
Forensic Analyst, MHA
Ministry of Education
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Stephanie graduated from NTU with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) and has been in the Cybersecurity Industry for 8 years. As a Forensic Analyst with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Stephanie was awarded the SANS Lethal Forensicator Coin: Digital Forensics (2013, 2020) for her work in monitoring cyberspace for digital evidence of cybercrime activity.

Stephanie enjoys interacting and working with children. Her passion for teaching was cultivated when she previously worked as a teacher in MOE secondary schools. She strongly believes that coding promotes logical thinking and looks forward to translating her expertise into teaching her students to solve real-life problems that we face in our day-to-day lives.
Ryan Wong
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B.Eng. Computer Science (Hons), NTU
Data Analytics System Senior Engineer
Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA)
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Ryan graduated from NTU with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and was a Senior Engineer in DSTA for 5 years. He was involved with the Enterprise Data Advanced Analytics System used by leading data scientists for MINDEF.

He enjoys teaching and has taught children both locally and overseas (Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam).

He hopes to use his experience and passion to inculcate an exploratory and forward-thinking attitude in the students at Coding Lab so that each child will be prepared for the digital world ahead.
Evan Lim
Educator and Team Lead, Technology
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B.B.A. Information Systems, UOW
NEC Asia Pacific
Ministry of Home Affairs
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Evan started his coding journey at the age of 15, first taking Computing as a GCE O Level subject, while also being actively involved in his CCA, InfoComm Club as a committee member, imparting his skills about animation and game design to his juniors and participating in various national competitions.

This fuelled his interest in teaching coding, where he enjoys sharing knowledge and imparting new programming skills to students.

He strongly believes that coding is not just learning about technical skills, but rather learning and applying one’s knowledge and creativity to solve problems.
Salena Arsad
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Master of Education (Developmental Psychology), NTU
B.Sc (Hons) Psychology (Second Class, Division One), Cardiff Metropolitan University
Ministry of Education
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Salena’s passion for teaching was cultivated when she was teaching in primary schools. Having interacted with many students and thus developed an increasing curiousity in children’s development, she pursued a higher degree education at NTU and graduated with a Master of Education.

Having taught core subjects for a few years, Salena decided to broaden her horizon and challenged herself to learn and teach programming at Coding Lab.

Salena hopes to impart the art of programming and uses her academic knowledge to ensure that students are able to learn effectively and enjoy the process at the same time. The light of understanding and excitement that shone in the children’s eyes after they have understood the lesson is always heart-warming to see.
Shannon Goh
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B.Sc.Data Science and Business Analytics (Hons), UOL
Ministry of Education
Pro-Teach Schoolcare
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Having been that patient schoolmate that helped her peers out with their homework, Shannon was certain she wanted to become a teacher in the future. Throughout the years, Shannon has taught students of all ages and still feels that same sense of satisfaction now. Combined with her passion for Technology and Math, she aims to share the importance of coding with the young today.

Being a part of the Research and Evaluation Branch at MOE previously, Shannon was involved in conducting various international benchmarking studies for schools, such as automating the data collection processes, consolidation of data and analysis, and using data visualisation software to create interactive and personalised reports for MOE HQ and school users.

Shannon’s teaching philosophy goes by the quote “if a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”. She strongly believes that every student can learn when given the correct resources, guidance, and time.
Sharleen Asmawi
Enrolment Concierge
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Dip. Hospitality and Tourism, TMC Academy (Distinction)
Guest Relations, 1-Altitude
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Sharleen brings her extensive experience in client concierge management with fine dining bar and restaurant 1-Altitude to the team. With a welcoming personality, she specialises in creating meaningful and well-informed experiences, with clients’ comfort as the topmost priority.

Her passion shines through in her daily work, where she delights in helping every parent and student achieve the best learning experience here at Coding Lab. She loves engaging with children, especially as they are always imaginative and eager to learn. She’s excited to watch them grow as they get equipped with the knowledge and skill sets they need in today’s fast-paced digital world.
Lakshmi Suresh
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B.B.A. Business Analytics (Hons), NUS
NUS Business School Leadership Development Programme
National Junior College Student Council
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Lakshmi is currently an undergraduate pursuing a Business degree at the National University of Singapore. She loves to read, write and draw, while dabbling in entrepreneurship, technology and community service. Serving as a publicity officer in several events throughout her school years, she found her strengths in marketing and communications.
Through her internship at Coding Lab in education and marketing, she realised she could integrate her strengths while working towards a social cause she cares about, and she hopes to be able to reach out to more students through Tiny Thinkers as she believes every student should learn computational thinking.
Thinzar Htet
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B.Soc.Sci. Sociology (Hons), NUS
Methodist Girls’ School, Anglo-Chinese School Independent (International Baccalaureate)
President, Tiny Thinkers
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Thinzar holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Through volunteer teaching experiences during her school years, she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children.
As an educator at Coding Lab, Thinzar has discovered the importance of computational thinking in different areas of life, not just in coding. She believes it should be a skill learnt since young and wishes to impart computational thinking skills to children. Her passion for teaching and empowering the next generation led her to volunteer to lead Tiny Thinkers, a social cause to impact underprivileged children.

She feels a sense of accomplishment in her work as a teacher whenever she sparks her students’ interest in programming and aspires to continue imparting knowledge to students throughout her career.
Man Ling
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M.Sc Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University
Defence Science & Technology Agency
DBS Bank
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Man Ling holds a Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and was a Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) overseas scholarship holder. Whilst at DSTA, she spearheaded various large-scale projects as well as the development of computer vision capabilities for the Singapore Armed Forces and other Public Service agencies.

Man Ling is currently a Programme Director at DBS Bank, managing consumer banking projects that transform existing mobile and internet banking platforms with intelligent insights. With her experience transitioning into software development and the IT industry, she is a strong believer that technical skills can be attained through interest and resilience. She is also deeply passionate about making technical knowledge accessible through education for all ages and backgrounds.
Rachel Chong
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Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering, NYP
NYP Director’s List, Outstanding Academic Performance (2014/2015)
ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)
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Having an interest in teaching since young and a diploma in electrical and computer engineering at NYP, Rachel is excited to be able to pursue her passion by teaching coding to the younger generation.

She finds it fulfilling when a child accomplishes their goal, be it solving a simple bug or creating a program. Every child has their own learning style and she always tries her best to find a suitable teaching approach. There is a heartwarming feeling when a child expresses their affection or appreciation, be it through a comforting hug or a photo.
Zhang Guangxuan
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International Olympiad in Informatics Coach & Team Leader (2020)
Singapore National Coach for NOI (2015 – 2018)
International Olympiad in Informatics (Silver)
National Olympiad in Informatics (Gold, 2nd Position)
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Guangxuan is a competitive programmer. His burning passion for competitive programming led him to represent Raffles Institution and Singapore in numerous prestigious olympiads in Computing, Physics, and Mathematics. He was also part of the team that was awarded the 1st Place at Shopee’s I’m the Best Coder Competition (2019).

Beyond achievements, Guangxuan has trained countless medalists in Olympiad in Informatics Courses (NUS). He is devoted to nurturing the next generation of competitive programmers, to keep the culture of teaching alive for many years to come.
Operations Executive
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BS. Information Technology
8 Years in the IT industry
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Cheyne holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Fluent in various programming languages, she has previously worked on Web-based information management systems and mobile applications.

With her passion in technology, she enjoys her work in optimising solutions as she facilitates processes daily between tutors, parents and students.

She takes pride in being part of Coding Lab as she believes technology is vital in today’s world, thus imparting it to the next generation is the best step to innovation.
Siti Zulaikha
Community Evangelist
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Diploma in Mass Communication, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
FMS Student Leader, NP
Bukit Panjang Government High School, Student Council
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With a passion for writing and design, Zulaikha aspires to utilise the skills she’s gained to good use and make a difference in the world. Having witnessed first-hand the excitement children get from learning how to code, Zulaikha hopes to continue bringing joy and benefits to people through coding.
She crafts exciting content to help parents discover and understand what their kids learn in our classes. If you see her with a DSLR in hand, say cheese and she might just snap a photo of you!
Yin Xuan
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BSocSci Sociology (Hons), NUS
Uber Singapore Technology
River Valley High School
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As a Sociology graduate from the National University of Singapore, Yin Xuan found her passion in working with children and educating the younger generation when volunteering in mentorship and tutoring programmes in school. Fuelled by her passion and the excitement of her students when they understand a concept, she thrives as an educator.

At Coding Lab, she teaches and finds it extremely gratifying when her students look forward to and enjoy coming to each and every class. Yin Xuan believes that computational thinking is something that can and should be incorporated into every child’s life, and involves herself in developing the curriculum for all students to have an enriching experience.