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We are honored to be featured on the following news outlets and we are humbled to receive such recognition. We will continue to strive in our mission to provide high-quality teaching to children around the world, nurturing future leaders in technology.

Channel NewsAsia and Channel 8 Feature: Grooming Young Tech Talent in Singapore

Coding Lab was featured during a segment on nurturing future leaders in technology in Singapore. Our Co-Founder and Community Director, Candice Wang, shared about coding trends in Singapore, and how Coding Lab imparts programming skills to children.

The Straits Times Feature: Addressing the Gender Gap in the STEM Sector

In this article, we shared our thoughts on bridging the gender gap in STEM. In Coding Lab, a gender-neutral environment is created to motivate students of all genders to code. For example, we showcase a good mix of projects by both genders and build programs around popular cartoons and topics (eg. Disney shows).

We’re on The Straits Times!

In two news features, The Straits Times discussed the importance of equipping children with programming skills and how Coding Lab's curriculum empowers children with such knowledge. Coding Lab caters to the interests and needs of children: It’s not just about coding but lifelong skills from proper computer habits to critical thinking and creativity.

CGTN Feature: Uptick in women pursuing STEM courses

In light of International Women’s Day, CGTN covered the uptick in women in STEM. Coding Lab used to have all boys classes but there has been an increasing number of girls signing up. Coding Lab has always encouraged all students to strive for the best, regardless of gender. We aim to provide a welcoming learning environment for all.

Gearing up for a SmartNation: CGTN News Feature

Learning to code is essential in today's world, to keep up with the digital wave. Candice Wang, Coding Lab co-founder explains how learning programming skills early on would help people adapt better in the tech-driven future workforce. And so came the birth of Coding Lab, one of the pioneers of the coding enrichment market.

Fresh from Japan: Singaporean children are starting to learn programming from the age of 4

Coding Lab is delighted to be featured in Bizcompass, Japan’s leading site for Business leaders, highlighting key trends in IT and Globalisation. In Singapore, more children are learning coding, especially since coding is now a school subject. Our Founder, Yong Ning shares how learning to code teaches children logical thinking, problem solving, and mathematics, which are essential and useful knowledge for children in this digital era.

Japan Looking to Singapore for Inspiration in Coding Courses for Kids

We are extremely delighted and honored to be featured in Japan’s top News Media – Nikkei Ecomom! As Singapore works towards becoming a Smart Nation, more plans are rolled out to encourage students to learn coding. Coding Lab is proud to be involved in helping children to reach their fullest potential in programming.

Top 10 Coding Classes for Kids in KL & Selangor

We are honored to be featured as one of the highly recommended coding classes for kids in KL & Selangor on TallyPress! Coding Lab will continue to strive and deliver high-quality coding lessons to children around the world.

All Aboard the Digital Bandwagon: Capital 95.8FM Radio Interview

With the rolling out of initiatives to build a Smart Nation, we shared how Coding Lab is helping children to pick up digital skills. Foo Yong Ning, founder of Coding Lab discussed how the curriculum at Coding Lab cultivates students' interest in programming and allow children to master computational thinking in a fun and engaging way. 

The Importance of Digital Literacy for Children – Capital 95.8 FM Radio Interview with Coding Lab founder, Mr Foo Yong Ning

Founder, Foo Yong Ning shared with Ko Ee Sim, host radio presenter, on the importance of digital literacy for the younger generation. Mr Foo also talked about what motivated him to start Coding Lab and how the Coding Lab's curriculum is specially structured to cater to students of different age ranges. 

Lianhe Zaobao Feature: Our Student, Jake, 9 Years Old shows his chops in <<A Little Somebody>>

Our student, Jake was featured in #ALittleSomebody, by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报. From a Bat game, to a Birthday App for his Dad and a beautiful game for his little brother, Jake is truly a young talent in coding. Click on the video to find out more about why Jake loves coding and have a sneak peak of his wonderful creations!

Lianhe Zaobao Feature: Coding as a New Literacy in the Digital Age

In this digital world, young children will have to embrace digital technologies. A way to do so is by introducing them to coding. Our co-founders, Yong Ning Foo and Candice Wang, discuss the importance of learning coding, their understanding of the increasing demand for coding classes, and how wanting to teach their children to code sparked the beginning of Coding Lab.

Cracking the Code: Coding Lab Feature in Little Magazine

Read on to discover what our Founder, Yong Ning and our Curriculum Advisor, Julius have to share on why Coding is so essential for the children of today’s digitalized world. Learning coding is a valuable skill as it teaches children computational thinking skills and creativity, which is highly applicable in many disciplines even if the child does not become a computer scientist.

Coding Lab Feature – Parent’s World Magazine Issue 65

In the Parent's World Magazine, our Founder, Mr Foo shared the importance of building a child’s confidence in problem-solving, and how practicing computational thinking early on will be greatly beneficial. Mr Foo also shared valuable insights and tips on managing screen time wisely with children.

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