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App Inventor 2 (P202-SP)

Self-Paced Learning

Spearhead your child’s growth in the field of mobile app development today. Solve real-world Issues with the mobile creations!
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Join learners from Japan, Australia, Singapore and many other countries!
  • What you'll learn:

  • Master the Art of MIT Mobile App Development
    Review of MIT App Inventor 1 knowledge and solve more problems in MIT App Inventor 2 (Take it up a notch)
  • Be exposed to the Right Tools
    Learn the components that you need to build your ideal app: Maps, sensors, Social, Web viewer, Notifier and how to store the data.
  • Solve Real-World Issues around us
    Create a Text-to-Speech app for the deaf community or a fun game for your friends to play.
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  • What's in this course?

  • For Ages 10 to 14
    Master the skills of app creations

  • Beginner Level
    No prior experience required
  • 100% Independent Learning
    Engaging and interactive courses carefully curated to maximise your child's online learning
  • Online Flexible Schedule
    On-Demand Videos and activities for learning, anytime and anywhere
  • Certificate of Completion
    Earn a Certificate upon completion
  • Requirements:

  • Windows / Macintosh
  • Phone (Android preferred)
  • Internet Connection

About This Course

Achieve mobile mastery

Mic testing, 1, 2, 3. Spearhead your child’s growth in the field of mobile app development today! Delve into an array of functions on the MIT App Inventor 2 Platform such as Voice-to-Speech and GPS tracker to develop sophisticated phone applications of your child’s desire. The only limit is their imagination.

Our comprehensive curriculum

They will also make use of conditionals to create a Movie-Age checker. And what about ending off with developing their own personalised “Baymax”, complete with a health tracker and personalised health tips? The sky is the limit as Kids get their hands on these exercises, and much more in our Python Meets Math classes! 

Students also need to have completed App Inventor 1 (P201). Want to find out more? Meet some of our students or check out our FAQs.
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Course Outline

Quick Review
Review of App Inventor 2 Interface
Brainstorm time for a complex app creation

Learn to use various media components
Voice Recognition

Booleans and Conditionals
Logical Operators

Design Thinking
Introduction to phases of Design Thinking (Observation, Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, User Feedback, Iteration, Implementation)

  • Skills students will gain:

  • Computational and Logical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • ... and so much more!
Your child will be awarded with this certificate upon the completion of the course. Share this certificate on Facebook or Instagram!

Why Our Students Love Us

Exceptionally good! The curriculum helps you learn fundamental coding and logic.
– Aaron, 12, Singapore
Zac enjoyed the programme very much. He excitedly showed me projects created during the lessons. He’s already requesting to join the next programme.
– Parent of Zachary, 10, Singapore
My son enjoyed this App Inventor. Best coding programming during this period of Covid-19 online learning and best holiday program ever. Thank you
– Parent of Noah, 11, Singapore


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