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Scratch 2 (P102-SP)

Self-Paced Learning

Advance to the next Scratch Level and hone your skills from Scratch 1. Build the coolest game or exciting blockbuster-like animation!
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  • English
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Join learners from Japan, Australia, Singapore and many other countries!
  • What you'll learn:

  • Level Up Your Scratch Skills
    Review Scratch 1 concepts and learn more functions in Scratch 2 such as scene transitions and the creation of blocks.
  • Create Your Very Own Game
    With your knowledge of programming and game design theory, develop games such as Nerf War and Diver Dash.
  • Learn Game Design Fundamentals
    Storyboard, characters, play mechanics and feedback systems are a few examples of the fundamentals.
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  • What's in this course?

  • For Ages 8-12
    Level up your Scratch skills and create exciting games
  • Prerequisite
    Must have completed P101 - Scratch 1
  • 100% Independent Learning
    Engaging and interactive courses carefully curated to maximise your child's online learning
  • Online Flexible Schedule
    On-Demand Videos and activities for learning, anytime and anywhere
  • Certificate of Completion
    Earn a Certificate upon completion
  • Requirements:

  • Windows / Macintosh
  • Internet Connection

About This Course

Level up your scratch skills

Scratch 2 is a natural progression for students to hone their skills from Scratch 1. Your child will be able to reiterate concepts with more challenging activities and realise their childhood dreams of building the coolest game or exciting blockbuster-like animation. With our specially refined curriculum for online learning, students will be able to learn in the fun and effective way possible!

Let your imagination soar

Combining game design fundamentals and more in-depth programming knowledge, students will be able to design their own animations and culminate in creating a project of their own during the exciting hackathon!

Students also need to have completed Scratch 1 (P101)Want to find out more? Meet some of our students or check out our FAQs.
Best-in-class Curriculum for Coding
We are honoured to be the winner of multiple awards.
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Course Outline

Quick Recap of Scratch 1 and Storyboards
Plan storyboard outline of games

Key Game Features
Scenes and transitions
Level system
Broadcast function
Blocks creation (Reusing code)

Fundamentals of game development
Creation of game of your choice

Development of own Project
Pour your knowledge into the cauldron to develop a game, story or animation

Project Showcase
  • Skills students will gain:

  • Computational and Logical Thinking
  • Design Thinking and Advanced Game Creation
  • ... and so much more!
Your child will be rewarded with this certificate upon the completion of the course. Share this certificate on Facebook or Instagram!

Why Our Students Love Us

Javen had lots of fun during every single lesson and it was quite interesting to see his work; I would have never thought that he would be able to come up with something like that, at his age.
– Parent of  Javen, 8, Singapore
Zac enjoyed the programme very much. He excitedly showed me projects created during the lessons. He’s already requesting to join the next programme.
– Parent of Zachary, 10, Singapore
Tutor was so patient with Nathaniel and kept him engaged and on task as well. An effective scratch class throughout. Very well done.
– Parent of Nathaniel, 9, Singapore


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The Coding Lab® Difference
Catch a sneak peek of our happy (and masked) students experiencing the joy of coding at our campuses!
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ICS Student Feature: Ahmed Naufal, 8, Merit Award
Watch 8-year-old Ahmed Naufal’s Star Wars Invaders shooting game, which uses advanced cloud variables. Ahmed was able to code this impressive game one month after learning Scratch with us! This project won him the Merit Award in the International Coding Showcase 2020.
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ICS Student Feature: Alicia Khong, 8, People’s Choice Award
Watch 8-year-old Alicia present her fun game on catching colourful balloons, which was created with the use of cloud data! This amazing project won her the People’s Choice Award in the International Coding Showcase 2020.

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