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We know that you want your child to excel. So do we.

The Coding Lab team is dedicated to providing the best environment for our students to thrive and succeed. We have compiled, curated, and researched to bring you these articles and resources to nurture our future leaders in technology.


Coding Bytes: We bring to you bite (byte)-sized bits of programming!

Our passionate educators are bringing to you short, bite-sized videos of programming concepts that your child can easily follow along! Watch the video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get dibs on the newest videos 😉 


5 Memory Tips to Ace Exams

The task of understanding and memorising information for exams can be daunting. In this #CodingLabParenting series, we are here with tips to strengthen memory and ace exams with flying colours.


Get Fit in 5 Minutes A Day!

Taking care of the little ones while working from home can be reaaaal hectic. So, here are some wellness activities that we encourage our students to do during breaks. Rope your kids in to do these quick and fun wellness activities together!


3 Hacks to Maximise Your Child’s Busy Schedule – Be Your Child’s Cheerleader!

Balancing schoolwork over a myriad of subjects can be dizzying, coupled with doing the extracurriculars. Stay organised with us! We’ve created a Coding Lab printable planner that helps you keep on top of all your to-dos.


Food For Thought – Best Brain Food for Programmers

It takes a lot of brainpower to code, and to stay energised while coding away at your next project, check out these foods for boosting your energy levels and keeping your brain cells active!


5 Tech Podcasts & TED Talks to get you psyched about tech

We’ve rounded up the 5 most interesting tech podcasts and TED Talks for you to embark on an auditory tech journey! Calling all our parents and students – we’ve made sure that there’s something for you to listen to!


5 Tips to Better Eye Health

Health is wealth, as they say! This is exactly why we take eye breaks at Coding Lab, because we know that eye health is crucial. Here are more tips on how to keep our eyes fresh and healthy.


Towards Better Learning

Our tutors gather their top tips for you on how you can guide your child towards better learning! We want to ensure that your child’s learning experiences are the best they can be.


Happy Easter + FREE Downloadable Activity

Get FREE access to our full notes from our Easter online coding workshop! Each parent-child pair drew their own set of digital Easter eggs, and coded their bunny to respond to keyboard commands!

#LearnToCode on Scratch

Scratch might be an introductory language, but it is a powerful one. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab and is provided free of charge! All you need to do is create an account and you can dive into the graphics-based programming language. This means that users can code interactive media – such as stories, games, and animations – by putting together colourful, graphical blocks. It’s the introductory programming language that we teach our kids aged 8 to 12
Recommended for: Ages 8 and above
Suitable for: Younger learners who want to learn the fundamentals of computer science logic and who may not be ready for complex programming languages
A project created on Scratch by our 8-year-old student, Asher Chia

on App Inventor

Also created by MIT, the App Inventor Platform allows students to create fully functional mobile apps. With an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop programming, students can apply computational thinking and creativity to design their own apps and put them to the test on their phones. With plenty of components available on App Inventor such as maps, sensors, web viewer and notifier, students can create all types of exciting games. Find out about our comprehensive curriculum for App Inventor here!
Recommended for: Ages 10 and above
Suitable for: Learners who have no prior coding experience but also novices who wish to progress further
Our 9-year-old student, Rylan Ng, created an app to tackle pollution, one of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

#LearnToCode on Python

Python is a versatile and practical text-based programming language suitable for students with zero knowledge in coding. Python uses natural language and hence has an easier learning curve. Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“, learning Python will enable your child to build programs that are used commonly in many domains. Get started with learning Python through our interactive and engaging online course! Thoughtfully curated to suit the needs of our learners, we offer Python Junior for ages 10-14 and Python for ages 13-18.
Recommended for: Ages 10 and above
Suitable for: Complete beginners to novice and advance coders interested in webpage development, game-making, data management and more
A simple and colourful Pichu Defense game created on Python